Why Bing Matters for SEO

Published: Jul 28, 2017

If you do search engine optimization, you might ask yourself where you should spend your efforts to capture as many users as possible. When I perform SEO for my clients, I know that I have a natural inclination to lean into Google for maximum exposur...

seo bing google

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Update Laravel on your VPS to use the Resource API

Published: Jan 1, 2018

Laravel is rapidly updating. If you haven't updated your stack on your VPS, then you might not be able to use the powerful Resource API which became available in Laravel 5.5 The Laravel Resource API is Awesome! When building an API, you might want a ...

php backend

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How to Run Git Through Node JS

Published: Jan 28, 2018

Use Node JS To Run Git Commands Node JS has the ability to spawn child processes which allow you to execute commands from Javascript without using the terminal. Leveraging the power of Node JS alongside Bash Shell scripts can give you the freedom to ...

backend nodejs shell

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